Designation: FOUNDER

Date:From 1961

The Icon of Bombay Iron Brokers Association, Shri Nalin G. Shah. On 17th Jan 2014 he is completing 50 golden years in steel market as a Broker. He started his career in 1961, service for 3yrs in Darukhana, In 1964 he started his carrer as a broker.

In 1977 The Bombay Iron Brokers Association was registered and a broker ID card issued to the members of the association. In 1979 there was a strike in iron market for almost 43 days that was the period when he got more involved in association and brought all the brokers on one platform of BIBA.

He is known in market as Nalin-Girish, at present with him his son Mr. Devesh Shah and his younger brother following his principel and working as a reputed brokers in the iron market.

The Bombay Iron Brokers Association (BIBA) is always thankful to this great man for bringing unity in all the brokers and make stand on one platform of BIBA.